UTS Library

Keep up to date with alerts

 by Ashley England @ UTS Library

Did you know that you can use RSS feeds to keep up to date with new books, journal tables of contents, literature searches, blogs and news? RSS feeds save you time by automatically sending new content to you, eliminating the need to repeat searches in databases or visit website to check and see if there is any new information. If you’re very new to RSS you should watch the common craft video RSS in plain English.

Want to give it a go? You will have to find and create an account in your a feed reader first. The Library, like CommonCraft video above, tends to favour Google Reader. The video below shows you how to set up a Reader account, and start subscribing to feeds. 

Why not start by subscribing to our blog! It's not just shameless self promotion - these skills will be transferable to any other website, blog or news service.Trust me - I'm a Librarian. Over the coming weeks we'll send you out ways to subscribe to other RSS Feeds from our catalogue and Databases. In the meantime, if you want to learn more check out our Google Skills 2 workshop.