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Research Week: Measuring your Performance

by Ashley England @ UTS Library

Scott McWhirter from UTS' Research and Innovation Office gave an excellent talk this morning about Measuring your Research Performance.

 Vodcast: Now available to download!

Presentation Slides: Measuring your research performance

RMNET - What's in it for me?
As Scott explained, one of the key things you must do as a researcher at UTS is to update RMNET with information about your publications. It's from this database that information is drawn to officially measure the Research Performance of the University. If it's not in RMNET, it's not counted. This is where the data was sourced from the recently released results of the first ERA.

While this might look good for the University, you might be wondering what's in it for you? Analysing citations and research data in RMNET is linked to funding. The same funding which pays for scholarships, research infrastructure, faculty dividends, research strength funding, promotions, workload calculations etc etc.

Make me Famous - Citation Analysis
Citation analysis can be a little overwhelming, but don't worry the Library is hear to help. If you would like to learn more about citation analysis, in particular how you can publish strategically to improve your future citation count, check out our Make me Famous Workshop or our online tutorials:

If you're keen to jump right in, you might be interested in the following resources:

I want more citations - Open Access Publishing!
Another way you can get more citations, is to put a full text copy of your work in UTSeScholarship's online repository. However we will learn more about that tomorrow with a talk by our very own Gabrielle Gardiner.

Watch this space.