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Research Week: The three legged stool - Open access publishing at UTS

by Ashley England @ UTS Library

Gabrielle Gardiner, Manager of eResearch at UTS Library gave a talk last week about open access scholarship and publishing. We're very passionate about at UTS, and you should definately look at her presentation below to see why.  

Vodcast: Now available to download!

I liked one of the videos in her presentation so much that I've included it below - be prepared to feel inspired!

If you're not inspired - I have some more arguements that will convience you to care about open access publishing:

If people can access your work for free - you will have more citations.

Open access journals are ranked in the ERA
You can publish in A+ open access journals. Again because they're open access you will get cited more.

You can publish in a commercial journal and OA repositorties.
As was mentioned in the research week talk about copyright, please don't hand over all your rights to your publishers. Attach an author rights clause to be able to put a copy of your work in our institutional repository.

Do you have conference posters or reports hanging around your office?Publish your gray literature in our UTS Scholarly Works Collection to get more citations! Gray literature includes research material that doesn't usually see formal publication, such as unpublished conference papers and posters, datasets, pod and vodcasts, presentation slides.
If you have any questions, please don't hestiate to contact UTSeScholarship.