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Research Week: What is a Thesis and Academic Writing Skills

 by Ashley England @ UTS Library 

We had two excellent presentations by Prof. Mark Tennant and Dr Terry Royce this morning about Academic Writing Skills. We'll be publishing the vodcasts of their talk in the next week or two, but I thought I would post some links and useful Library resources to get you started in the meantime.

What is a Thesis, and how do I write one by Prof. Mark Tennant  
Academic Writing Skills by Dr. Terry Royce  
Resources mentioned: 
Need Help? ELSSA provide some online resources Online Resources but you can also Contact Terry directly for an individual consultation or collect a group of students together to organise a class. See their website for more information.

Top Tips From Library Staff

UTS Library can save you time and prevent you plargarising
One of Mark's top tips is to use referencing software to keep track of references and remember quotes. The Library offers classes and one-on-one sessions in both EndNote and RefWorks. Referencing software will lets you download references, keep track of them in the one place, create perfect reference lists, share references with colleagues and much more! Learn more about it in David's blog entry.

Publish your Thesis!
Publish your thesis in the Australian Digital Thesis program. We strongly encourage you to not just provide basic information about your thesis, but also a copy of the full text. This makes your research much easier to find and even easier for other Researchers to cite! As Terry says - you are the guide for future researchers.

Keep up to date with RSS Feeds
It's what every Researcher fears! Someone publishes your idea before you do! Mark mentioned some interesting strategies to deal with this situation, and we suggest making sure you're up to date with research on your topic using RSS feeds and alerts.

Create automatic tables of contents
Learn how to automatically create tables of contents and the finer details of Microsoft Word or whichever piece of software you're using. A quick tour of their help pages may save you painstaking formatting work at the end of your thesis.