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Research Week: Data Management

by Ashley England @ UTS Library
 Photo courtesy of {Guerrilla Futures | Jason Tester} on Flickr 

It could happen to you. Do you store your data in one place? What would happen if you lost your USB or left your lap top on the bus? We had some very interesting presentations about Data Management during our research week that explain why it is so important.

Vodcast: Now available to download! 

Presentation Slides:

Save your data!
The reason we're so keen on data management here at UTS:Library is that we can help prevent tragic loss of research data. If you come and see us at the beginning of your research project, we can help you set up a plan to store or back up your data so that it easy to use and can't be lost. It's also worth mentioning that future research funding is likely to require evidence of data management planning.

Share your data
Likewise - use someone else's data. Sharing data allows far greater reuse and innovation across the university and Australia. You will always be cited as the original source of the data, and can obviously set restrictions for ethical reasons.

Learn more about data management at UTSeData.