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Research Week: Grants and Research Funding at UTS

by Ashley England @ UTS Library

Researchers - get your game face on! We may talk a lot about sharing and open access at the library, but when it comes to funding it's every researcher for themselves. Mark gave us an excellent talk about research funding and some excellent tips to get your foot in the door.

Presentation Slides: Grants and Research Funding at UTS by Mark Berlarge
Vodcast: Now available to download!

Top Tips:

Competition and tactics are a core part of research funding. You need to think of your grant application as part job application, part business plan and part project plan. Your application needs to show evidence that you are the best person for the job. This means:

  • You need a business case - justify the investment in your research. 
  • Realistically consider how much you need to fund your research: people, equipment, travel, teaching relief.
  • Know who your assessors are - write for them. Explicitly address selection criteria & provide evidence not just assertions
  • Know your competition and show that you are more worthy and convincing than them 

Prove your worth

The Library can help you with Metrics that show the impact of your future research and hot topics around the globe.

Check out our Make me Famous Workshop or our online tutorials:

Find Funding and Get Connected

 Keep an eye on the UTS grants calendar for funding opportunities. The library can also help you find research collaborator and funding opportunities in our Get Connected workshop.