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How to hack EndNote: writing a journal article (part 1).

Scenario: You're the third author on a paper and the job of referencing falls to you. You have a look at the author guidelines of the journal and realise that the style of referencing they want you to use is tricky (read numbered style) and is customised for that particular journal. It doesn't match anything you can see on EndNote. You panic.

Solution: Don't worry, there is a solution. I'm going to show you guys how to hack EndNote. This will be a four part journey that will take you from getting the referencing style into EndNote to submitting the final paper.

Part 1: Download the referencing style for your journal
Endnote has over 4, 500 referencing styles that are customised for individual journals. You can download the style's free of charge.You will of course, need endnote downloaded first.

1. Search for the title of your journal on EndNote's website. When it appears click download

2. A box will pop up, select the open with EndNote option. This will open up the style in EndNote. 

3. All you then need to do is select file -> save as, 
4. Modify the name of the style if you wish and then press save.
There's a little bit more to it than this, look out for tomorrow's post Part 2: customising the referencing style.