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How to hack EndNote: writing a journal article (part 3).

Welcome to the third stage in how to hack EndNote while writing a Journal article. It should all be smooth sailing from here on in.

So far we've covered:

Part 1 - Downloading new referencing styles
Part 2 - Customising referencing styles

Today we're looking at:

Part 3 - After all that effort, nothing has changed in MS word!

Luckily this problem can be solved fairly easily. Go to the Endnote tab in word. It should look a little something like this.

1. Do you have the right style selected? You have to set the referencing style in word. If your style doesn't appear, there's an option in the style drop down box to select another style.

2. If you have the right style selected, try pressing the 'Update Citations and Bibliography' button also highlighted in the box above. This will update everything immediately with the changes you've made to the style.

3. If the changes still aren't appearing, you should get in contact with us because I'm not really sure what's happened. Don't worry - we'll figure it out.

Stay tuned for Part 4 to be released on Monday - Submitting your journal article.