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How to hack EndNote: writing a journal article (part 4).

We're finally here! This is the last in our series of how to hack EndNote when you're writing a journal article. So far we've covered:

Part 1 - Downloading new referencing styles
Part 2 - Customising referencing styles
Part 3 - After all that effort, nothing has changed in MS word!

Now we've come to the finale:

Part 4 - Submitting your journal article

With your magnificently referenced article, your final step is to create a version of your document with citations as plain text. Some journals will request you do this, but it's also a good idea as it stops anything strange happening to the references when the article is opened up by someone else in word.

In word go to the EndNote tab. In the middle you will see a button that says 'Convert Citations and Bibliography' Click that and then select the option to 'Convert to Plain Text.'

This will create a copy of your article with all the referencing just in text - just as if you'd typed it in by hand. I recommend saving this with a new file name so that you still have the original copy with EndNote fields in it in case you have to change something. Once you convert to plain text, you can't swap back.

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment below or send us an email if you having any questions.

Coming soon - How to hack EndNote: writing a thesis