UTS Library

Day 2: Research Week at Kuring-gai

By Jane Van Balen
Another worthwhile day of Talks and Workshops at Research Week at Kuring-gai - being held in the Library on Level 5.
Mal Booth our University Librarian (Acting) spoke on an important way the library is moving forward through the promotion of the use of social networking for researchers and the second presentation was a double act with Luc Small, eResearch Analyst from Intersect and Elizabeth Mulhollann from the library's eScholarship department who both focused on the work that is being done at UTS on Research Data Management. 
While it is not yet mandatory, the trends are heading towards better data management practices in universities and research organisations. Some research funding bodies are already stipulating that any data collected in research projects be retained in a central repository where it can be properly managed and preserved - and ultimately reused and reinterpreted as long as various embargos and ethical issues are considered.  So it's an issue which is likely to affect all research being undertaken at UTS and elsewhere - sooner than we may think. I can't say it better than Margaret Henty from ANDS (Australian National Data Service) in the April 2011 issue of their newsletter Share:
"Data created as part of the research process is increasingly recognised as a valuable national asset. Well-managed and described data is of greater value. Why? Because it allows the data to be sustained for later use and to be made available for others to use, perhaps in related research studies or in ways the creator did not originally envisage."
There are a number of archival projects being undertaken at UTS including ATSIDA the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Data Archive.
Tomorrow, Manager of eScholarship, Gabrielle Gardiner, will do a presentation about Open Access Publishing at UTS - an exciting new area which is developing all the time. Did you know that UTSePress already has over 14 journal titles in its publication list?
And Dr Terry Royce from ELSSA is presenting a very practical workshop called Writing and Study Skills for Researchers
In the afternoon we have our now famous library workshops specially designed for researchers: Make me Famous and Save me Time followed by a Panel Discussion about practical issues in relation to what you wished you'd known about doing a PhD or Doctorate. We hope you will also join us at 4pm for a refreshing afternoon 'tea'.