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Mendeley for Australian Research Webinar

Mendeley is a relatively new online reference manager. It is different to EndNote and Refworks as it also incorporates a social network allowing you to crowdsource papers on your research interests. Mendeley also suggests that it is a useful tool for research collaboration because you can:

" ... set up a shared library for your team and for specific research projects - your documents, tags, and annotations stay in sync. You can also set up public research paper collections and subscribe to updates. Moreover, Mendeley lets you build your academic profile for others to discover your areas of expertise, and you can create your personal network of research contacts for current and future research collaboration."

We've started exploring Mendeley at the Library, but you can learn more about it at their upcoming Research Webinar on Thursday the 28th of July 2011 at 10am. You will need to register first. 
Also if you're using Mendeley we would love to hear from you! What draws you to Mendeley and what features do you use the most?