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Shut up and write @ UTS:Library

At UTS Library we are currently piloting a writing club for research students called Shut up and write. It has been overwhelmingly popular, with all the positions taken within an hour emailing the graduate population, and we now have a very long waiting list! 

The aim of the club is to help research students overcome procrastination, develop self discipline in writing as well as improving their writing  skills. The way we're going to help our participants achieve this is through dedicated weekly writing sessions, occasionally broken up with writing workshops. Even though our pilot group is full, you guys can still join in the action through our facebook page UTS Library: Shut up and write
As a member of the group you can ask questions, see the resources we share and join in the main activities. The more the merrier - so please join in and start talking :) Writing doesn't have to be a lonely task. 

I'll leave you guys with the questions I asked the group on the first day. Please feel free to comment below or in the Facebook group:

  • What do you love about writing?
  • What do you hate about writing?