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Research Week 2012: Doing Data

Data is a very important part of being a Researcher in general, but it is particularly important to be aware that UTS is positioning itself as the Data Intensive University.

Data Management Planning by Elizabeth Litting

If you’re a researcher, chances are you’ll have data. It could be stats, instrument data, interviews, images, video... pretty much anything. BUT – have you thought about how you’ll organise it for easy retrieval and use? Do you know where you will store it? Do you have plans if your computer is destroyed by flood, fire or alien invasion? If not, don’t panic - we can help you solve these problems and make sure you have a data management plan that is simple but covers all stages of your research project.

Data Management Resources:
Finding Data and Data Visualisation by Maureen Henninger
Maureen ran two hands on workshops on how to find and extract data from from repositories, archives and social media and then how to visualise and interpret data using online tools. We plan on re-running these workshops later in the year - watch this space for details.