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Research Week 2012: Make Me Famous

Publishing 101
Presentation Materials:

Learn about the publishing process with insider tips and advice from UTS academics. The session will include an introduction to the academic publishing system, the university's expectations of publishing during your PhD and tips from academics on how to get your article published.

Commercialisation and IP 
By John Haining, Martin Lloyd  and Pamela Blaike

Learn how to protect your Intellectual Property and potentially commercialise your research at this session by Martin Lloyd and Pamela Blaikie from UniQuest.

Research Metrics Demystified
This was a hands on workshop designed to introduce new Researchers to research metrics. Metrics are used to assess academic achievement. The Library can help you pick which metrics to use to best demonstrate your success.

Make me Famous with Social Media
This session will introduce the rapidly evolving role of social media in academia. It will focus on how researchers can take advantage of social media to promote their own research and interact with scholarly communities around the world. In the hands-on component of the class, participants will create their own academia.edu and Twitter profiles.