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Research Week 2012: PhD Land

Day two of Research Week was themed around developing the skills you need to know when you're first entering PhD Land.

Library Research Skills

This workshop was a combination of two Library Workshops: Introduction to Library Research and Advanced Database Searching. You can book into these workshop on the Library's Tour and Workshops page
The PhD Journey by Dr Jessica Gray

Attend a workshop focused on the joys and challenges of working through a PhD. Material will cover some common issues PhD students face, such as difficulties with procrastination and motivation, time management, writing, managing social isolation in the research role, and taking time for yourself within a busy schedule. If you are starting a PhD, or you are in the thick of it already, come along to gain some insights and understandings of what it is to be a PhD student.

Managing your Supervisor by Dr Ian McGregor

Dr Ian McGregor completed his PhD in 2010 over 8 years after starting it – he had 2 supervisors, each quite different and realized that how as a Higher Degree Research student how you, as a student, manage your supervisor(s) is critical to a successful, enjoyable and rewarding completion of a research degree.

Ethics and Research at UTS by Yordanka Krastev and Marion Haas

This session will discuss the importance of research ethics policy and practice at UTS as well as providing guidance for new students on Ethics matters. Presenters: Yordanka Krastev (Research Ethics Manager (Human)) and Marion Haas (Research Ethics committee chair).