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Research Week 2012- Setting the Scene

With all of our orientation madness time has slipped by and it has already been a month since Research week! Below are links to all of the workshop materials that were used on Monday 6th of February. The theme of the day was Setting the Scene and was aimed at bringing us all up to speed with the Research Environment at UTS.

Research at UTS by Prof Attila Brungs

Professor Attila Brungs, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) will open Research Week with his vision for Research at UTS.

Data Intensive University

Presentation Materials:

An update on the DIU strategy – creating a university where staff and students understand data and, regardless of its volume and diversity, can use it and reuse it, store and curate it, apply and develop the analytical tools to interpret it. Data enriches all aspects of the university and provides a springboard for creation and innovation. UTS graduates will be outstanding professionals who lead practice in their various fields and shape the world

Getting inside the Doctoral Framework (Prof. Nicky Solomon)

In this session Prof. Nicky Solomon (Dean of the University Graduate School) will introduce the UTS Framework for Doctoral Education. This Framework aims to develop advanced disciplinary knowledge and research skills in doctoral students. As part of the Framework each student, together with their supervisors, design a own Doctoral Study Plan (DSP). The DSP is a tool that helps students create a doctoral program that connects to their career and development goals. It is also used to monitor and review progress throughout their candidature.