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Artist-in-Residence: an update

When we started this program only last year, I was not really sure what it would "deliver" and nor was I keen on providing too much direction to the selected artists. Rather, I wanted to provide them some context about the Library, let them explore it and see what resulted with full artistic or creative freedom. I must say that I am more than happy with the progress so far.

Firstly, to Chris Gaul's residency:

With Chris (#1) we have developed a very valuable and ongoing relationship that has led to collaboration well beyond the scope of his residency. He has helped us to understand more about many of our goals with the future Library and asked questions that we would not have asked of ourselves. His very different but thoughtful perspective on the Library has seen collaborative projects with many of our staff and managers and also with our in-house Designer Tom Fethers to produce a new visual identity for the Library that helps us move towards out future Library. He produced a successful exhibition in the DAB Lab Research Gallery and we acquired all three of his prototype models for new methods of discovery in libraries for our Special Collections. Perhaps more importantly than this, at the same time as his Residency, we were engaged in a major Discovery project that would lay some important groundwork for the implementation of the Library Retrieval System in 2014 and the future Library itself. Chris has had a very significant impact on that project.

We have recently launched our progress to date on the Discovery project and within it you can see the inspiration provided by Chris's work in this news item on our website: https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/news/30209/fresh-new-look  I would add to the news item that you can now also browse visually within the collection via http://find.lib.uts.edu.au/ without first searching for an item. I am really excited about the addition of this playful but useful interface on our website, but I am even more impressed that all of this happened without anyone really ever directing our IT team to take some of Chris's concepts forward. 

Further information about Chris's Residency and his exhibition. can be found via The Library as Incubator; these videos that document his Shelf Life exhibition; and his Residency blog.

And now, a little on our current Artist-in-Residence, Dr Chris Caines:

Chris (#2) is a senior lecturer, Creative Practices in Media Arts, and Director of the Centre for Media Arts Innovation in FASS. You can read a slightly old and out-of-date bio here: http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/fass/staff/listing/details.cfm?StaffId=1610 His website is here http://chriscaines.com/ and I recommend watching some of his videos as they tell you more about his artistic practice than I can in this post. 

He has also started on his own Residency and you can track his progress on this website  http://www.thelibrarybook.net/ and currently, in the front stairwell of the Library where he has installed a work already.