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Design and our Future Library: more than spaces and technology

Library 'L'The presentation below discusses some of the ideas we have for our future library. It has been presented in various forums of late. We'd like to know what you think about it, so if you have some thoughts or suggestions, please let us know. We're still planning and doing some research into the ways the Library is used and what our clients want or expect in such an institution. We are also looking for inspiration well beyond our own environment and we believe there is much to learn from new and relatively new spaces like MONA in Tasmania and The Tate Modern in London.

The images are from a presentation in Keynote, so you'll need to open it up to view it as large as possible. It is like an illustrated talk with my notes below the images to assist in explaining some of the details.


Fascinating stuff .  I'm

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Ingrid, 4 years ago

Fascinating stuff .  I'm looking forward to seeing how our library grows and changes. 

One thing to remember: big spaces are beautiful but they echo!  Maybe the solution is more quiet study areas with doors. 

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