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Reinventing University Publishing – a UTS ePress perspective

Hello again. Long time no blog post I hear you saying. Well yes, but last year was a big year for us and we had a lot on that kept me busy doing things other than writing. See our 2014 Year In Review for a run down.

Also, I wrecked a shoulder in late 2013 and underwent a full reconstruction and that left me in recovery mode for the next 12 months or so. I Just didn't feel like writing much at all.

So on with this post. This is the presentation I gave as part of a panel representing the perspectives of Open Access publishers in Australian universities, in my case UTS ePress. The link below takes you to the slides I used and my presenter's notes. It is just a few of my thoughts about how we properly bring university publishing into the digital age and how we can manage to get it read more widely than we do now.