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Borrowing Rules

Using the Request service at UTS Library you can request that an item be placed on hold.

How to place a request

  1. Locate the item in the Catalogue
  2. Open the item by clicking on the item's title
  3. Click on Request Item
  4. Type in your MyLibrary username and password
  5. Choose a pickup location eg. City Open Hold Shelves
    (Note: Requests for journal articles will normally be sent to your UTS email address)
  6. Click on SUBMIT
  7. Select Logout at the end of your session

Request an Item


  • books: select the one with the closest due date
  • journals: fill in the required information ie title, author, volume, issue, year and pages
For items in the Library Retrieval System (LRS) see LRS Requests.

Pick up locations

Requests and BONUS+ items are to be collected from the Hold shelves located in Open Reserve.

How to cancel a request

  1. Go to MyLibrary
  2. Type in your MyLibrary username and password.
  3. Click on the link Requests outstanding
  4. Select Cancel selected items or Cancel all
  5. Select Logout at the end of your session

Requesting books

  • UTS & INSEARCH staff and students may request books from the UTS collections
  • by placing a request you are asking that a copy of an item be reserved for you
  • if you do not meet certain conditions, the request will not be processed (see conditions below)
  • if the item is on loan, and no other copy is available, we will recall the item from the current user who will have 7 days to return it (see Recalls tab)
  • you can request items from BONUS+
  • there may be a limit on the number of requests you can place at one time
  • you can check the progress of your requests online through the Catalogue under MyLibrary. If the request is ready the status will show as on Holdshelf. It is then kept at the Loans Desk for up to 7 days (if it is from the general collection) or 3 days (if it is from the 7-day Loan Collection). Please check the pickup by date on your notice. During that time, no other client may access the item.
  • please cancel any requests you no longer require as a courtesy to other clients. You can cancel requests in MyLibrary.

Requesting copies of Journal articles

Copies of journal articles will be emailed to your UTS email address

Note: if you do not meet certain conditions, the request will not be processed (see Conditions below)


Conditions – Books

  • requests can only be placed if the item is currently out on loan
  • there may be a limit on how many requests you can place at one time
  • you will be notified by email when the request is available for you to collect
  • when items arrive for collection, you have 3 days to collect 7-day loans and 7 days to collect General Collection items
  • your fines must be $29 or less
  • you can view your requests or cancel your requests in MyLibrary

Requests for regional and remote students

UTS members who live outside the Sydney area may request items from the UTS Collections. We cannot send whole books, but we will mail out copies of journal articles or a chapter of a book. Please place your requests through the Regional & Remote Students webpage (see Off Campus Document Delivery Form).

UTS staff and researchers from the Health Psychology Unit at RNS may make special pickup and delivery requests. Please contact Beth.Marnane@uts.edu.au

Items borrowed are subject to recall

The due date is not guaranteed, because in order to share access to our resources, the Library reserves the right to recall items if they are needed by other clients. This may result in the due date being reduced.

All users are guaranteed a minimum 2-week loan period for general collection items.

Recalls for items are sent out the day after a hold is placed, so it is possible that you may have a reduced loan period.

Items that have been recalled or have a hold placed on them are unable to be renewed. Fines will apply for all overdue items and if recalled items are returned after the new due date, the fine will be double the original fine amount per day. i.e. a fine of $1.00 per day will increase to $2.00 per day for general collection items and a fine of $5.00 per day will increase to $10.00 per day for 7-day loans.

If you return or try to renew your books on the day they are due or when they are overdue you may find that someone has very recently placed a hold on them and there has not been time for us to send out a recall.

If an item is not available via the Catalogue, try  BONUS+ for a copy from another University Library and collect it a few days later.

Due Date

The due date for returning your loans is printed on the slip presented to you when you borrow the items. After this date, the items become overdue and a fine will apply.

Where to Return

During Library hours, please place materials in the chutes located inside the Library. 

For your convenience, return bins have been installed in Building 1, Level 4 (foyer) and Building 10, Jones St entry. The return bins are emptied at 8.00am Monday to Friday. They are not emptied on weekends or public holidays. Items returned to these bins will remain on your Library record until they reach the UTS Library. If your items are due back soon, please return them directly to the Library to avoid penalties for late return.

There is an after hours return chute outside the Library and in Building 1 (Tower) Level 4, which are available 24 hours.

Do not return items you have borrowed to the shelves or leave them on tables in the Library. They will be reshelved without being removed from your borrowing record.

When an item is returned and discharged from your Library record, the Catalogue will display the message Recently Returned for 24 hours.

Open and Closed Reserve are collections of high demand materials and includes books, DVDs/videos and recent issue of journals. Also available to borrow are headphones, whiteboard markers and erasers, locker keys, a save power kit, iPads and eReaders.

How to borrow and return in Closed Reserve

  1. Locate the item in the Catalogue and write down the call number
  2. If the item is available in Closed Reserve go to the Loans Desk on Level 2, and ask a Library staff member to collect the item for you

Closed Reserve items must be returned to the Loans Desk by the due date and time.

How to borrow and return in Open Reserve

City Campus only

  1. Locate the item in the Catalogue
  2. If the item is available in Open Reserve go the Open Reserve area located on Level 2
  3. Locate the item on the shelf and borrow using the self-service loan machines
  4. Unlock borrowed DVDs using the self-service loan machine
  5. To return the item, you need to ensure that you return the item by the due date and time
    • Return Open Reserve books and journals by using the return option on the self-service loan machines
    • Return Open Reserve film DVDs either to the basket on the Loans Desk or via the return chutes

How to place a booking

If the Reserve item is out on loan or you would like to use a Reserve item at a later date you can place a booking on the item

  1. Go to the Loans Desk on Level 2
  2. Ask a library staff member to place a booking on the Reserve item for you

Booking conditions

  • only UTS students, eligible INSEARCH students or staff can place a booking
  • you can book items 1 week in advance only
  • your fines must be $29 or less
  • if you do not collect your item within 15 minutes of your booking it will be cancelled
  • certain items in Closed Reserve are unable to be removed from the Library and therefore will not be eligible for an overnight booking

Loan conditions

  • only UTS students, eligible INSEARCH students or staff can borrow Reserve items
  • Eligible patrons can borrow Open Reserve film DVDs for 7 days
  • your fines must be $29 or less
  • fines of $5.00 per hour or part thereof apply to the late return of Reserve items
  • Open Reserve books or journals must be returned on the self-check machines 
  • Open Reserve DVDs must be returned to the desk or via the return chutes

UTS Library uses email as the official UTS communication tool, to send Library notices regarding loans and other transactions.

Email reminder notices - courtesy only

You will receive notification via your UTS Email Account when:

  • your loans are due back within 2 or 3 days
  • books are overdue
  • fines
  • items are recalled
  • requests awaiting pick up
  • cancellations

It is important that you read your email regularly and we recommend as good practice, emptying your Inbox to avoid exceeding your email quota. Make sure you also check your Junk Mail if you have set a forward on your UTS email address.

Please note that UTS Library sends these notices as a courtesy only. It is your responsibility to check the due dates of all loans.

SMS notices - courtesy only

Notices can also be sent by SMS to your mobile phone. There is no extra cost for you to receive these messages.

Notices available by SMS are:

  • an item you have on loan has been recalled
  • your books on loan are now overdue

How do I subscribe to SMS notices

If you are a UTS student and you have entered your mobile phone details in the mobile field in My Student Admin you will automatically be subscribed. If you wish to update your details, or opt out of this service, please login to My Student Admin.

If you are an INSEARCH student you should contact INSEARCH to include your mobile phone details if you are not subscribed.

UTS staff and community members can Subscribe to SMS Notices or go to the Loans Desk. Make sure you include your ID number/barcode and your mobile phone number. UTS staff and community members may opt out of this service by completing the Unsubscribe from SMS Notices form.

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