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Fines will apply to items not returned by the due date at the following rates:

General Collection, BONUS+ and InterLibrary Loan items$1.00 per day
1-Day Loans from Library Retrieval System$5.00 per hour, or part thereof
Reserve$5.00 per hour, or part thereof
7-day Loan$5.00 per day
eReaders and iPads$5.00 per day
Light Box$5.00 per hour, or part thereof
Locker keys$5.00 per hour, maximum of $10.00
Recalled itemsTwice the above rates
Gaming Equipment (Wireless Headphones & Controllers) $5.00 an hour or part thereof
Editing Studio Equipment$1.00 per hour or part thereof

Please note: A $5.00 fine will apply to any BONUS+ item that is returned without the book strap (which indicates the BONUS+ Library the item came from). 

Paying fines

Library fines can be paid

1.  using MyLibrary

  • log into MyLibrary
  • select Unpaid Fines to pay fines online
  • you can use Visa or Mastercard

2. using EFTPOS at the Enquiries and Loans Desk


Penalties associated with not paying your fines:

  • fines are not payable until the total amount is more than $29
  • fines of more than $29, will suspend borrowing. Provided you have not reached your renewal limit, items on loan can be renewed with the fine added for days overdue, but you may have to contact staff to do it for you.
  • fines of more than $49, may prevent you from receiving your exam results, re-enrolment and graduation for UTS students.
  • to have borrowing privileges reinstated, total fines must be reduced to $29 or under. (Unreturned items which have been Billed for Replacement must be paid in full).

Clients with good reason for being unable to return items on time are treated sympathetically through the fines appeals process.

Replacement of UTS items

When overdue items are not returned within eight weeks of the due date, you will be sent an invoice for replacement. The invoice must be paid in full (no partial payments allowed) unless you are returning or replacing the item as described below.

If you return items twelve months or later, you will be required to pay the full replacement cost for the item, regardless of whether you are returning the item.  No partial payments are accepted. 

The replacement fee is based on the current average cost of a book or DVD/Video in the UTS Collection. In 2016, the cost for the replacement of a book is $98 and the cost of the replacement for a DVD/Video is $91. If it is a very expensive item, then the cost will be adjusted upwards accordingly. You will also be invoiced for a $30 processing fee.

If the book or DVD/Video costs less than the average replacement cost, you have the option to purchase the same edition or a more recent edition of the same book and present this to the Library. The $30 processing fee will still apply.

If you lose or damage a Journal item from the Library Retrieval System you will be invoiced $250.

If you lose or damage a China Library Lectern accessory you will be invoiced $150.

If you lose or damage an eReader or iPad you will be invoiced, $250 for the Amazon Kindle or Kobo eReader, $475 for the iRiver Story, $700 for the 16GB iPad or $40 for the USB cable/power adaptor.

If you lose or damage the Light Box you will be invoiced $430.

It is in your interest to return any items for which you have received an invoice. When the item is returned, the outstanding debt will be reduced to either the amount of outstanding fines or the $30 processing fee, whichever is the larger amount.

Please note that no refunds will be given for replacement costs paid on items. 

Please note that for BONUS+ items a non-refundable charge of AU$125/NZ$160 will be imposed for lost, billed or irreparably damaged books (includes a processing fee for some libraries). Replacement books are not accepted.

If you lose or damage gaming equipment, the following replacement costs will apply: 

  • Wireless headphones - $120
  • Wii U Game pad - $200
  • Xbox Controllers - $80
  • PlayStation Controllers - $90
  • Wii Controllers (Remote + nunchuck) – $100

If you lose or damage the editing equipment the following replacement costs will apply:

  • Novation 49 SL MK2 keyboard & Mouse - $200 
  • Novation Launchpad Mini MIDI controller - $150 
  • Rode NT2 –A vocal microphone - $568 
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphone - $250 
  • Editing Suite Room Key - $20


Initial Claim

If you were unable to return your Library items on time due to illness or other extenuating circumstances, you should fill out a Fines Exemption Form. You will also need supporting documentation such as a medical certificate etc, which you should send or deliver to the Enquiries and Loans Desk at your campus Library.

If you are a UTS student having serious difficulty paying your fine, please make an appointment with the Student Services Unit to see UTS Counselling Services or a Financial Assistance Officer.

If you believe you have been fined in error, you should fill out a Fines Exemption Form.

If you believe that you did return the Library material on time, you should fill out a Claims Returned form.

Appeal on the Process

If you feel that the consideration of your initial claim has been incorrect, then you may appeal to the University Librarian under Rules relating to the Use of the University Library Section 18.10. The University Librarian has the discretion, in cases where there are extenuating circumstances, to vary or remit, in whole or part, any penalty or fee imposed.

If you wish to appeal, please write a letter to the University Librarian describing in full the grounds for your appeal. Deliver or post it to the Library, University of Technology Sydney, PO Box 123, Broadway NSW 2007. Please include your full name, Student/Staff ID card number or Library membership card number and contact details, and describe in full the grounds for your appeal.

Statutory Declaration Form - available from NSW Government: Justices of the Peace.
To find a Justice of the Peace (JP) see Finding a JP.

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