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Replacement of Items

When overdue items are not returned within eight weeks of the due date, you will be sent an invoice for replacement. The invoice must be paid in full (no partial payments allowed) unless you are returning or replacing the item as described below. When replacing items a $30 processing fee will be incurred. Replacement items must be the same or later edition.

If you return items twelve months or later, you will be required to pay the full replacement cost for the item, regardless of whether you are returning the item. No partial payments are accepted. 

Please see staff at the Enquiries and Loans Desk for replacements costs of other Library items.

​​​​​​​Please note that no refunds will be given for replacement costs paid on items. 


Replacement cost

Additional information

Book $129 Price may be adjusted upwards if it is a very expensive book.
DVD/Video $70 Price may be adjusted upwards if it is a very expensive DVD/Video
Journal from the
Library Retrieval System
BONUS+ item AUD$125/NZD$160 Replacement items are not accepted.
Cost is determined by the lending library  


Also see information on Fine Appeals.