UTS Library

Accepted Photo ID

Acceptable proof of identity required when joining or accessing the Library:

  • current student or staff card from accepted institution¬†(see Membership > Community >¬†Other Institutions)
  • a current Australian Drivers Licence with photo ID
  • passport - current or expired within the last 2 years
  • full birth certificate - showing parental details
  • a current credit card or account card from a bank, building society or credit union; or a passbook or account statement up to one year old

Those registering as a Personal researcher will also need proof of local address (please supply one):

  • a telephone, gas or electricity bill up to one year old
  • water rates, council rates or land valuation notice up to one year old
  • an electoral enrolment card or other evidence of enrolment up to two years old
  • a current overseas passport with permanent Australian residency status