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What is ArticleReach Direct?

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The UTS Library is trialling

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UTS Library, 4 years ago

The UTS Library is trialling a new journal article supply service called ArticleReach Direct.

ArticleReach Direct is a consortium of international and Australian academic libraries that have agreed to share their journal collections. Member libraries have created a combined catalogue of their journal titles to facilitate sharing.

ArticleReach Direct allows you to request articles from journals not held at UTS via the consortium’s combined catalogue. You must be eligible to use the Library's InterLibrary Loans in order to submit journal article requests via ArticleReach.

The InterLibrary Loans Journal article request link provides access to ArticleReach Direct.

If ArticleReach Direct cannot supply your journal article request, it will automatically be forwarded to staff from InterLibrary Loans who will obtain the article for you.

ArticleReach Direct is only for requesting journal articles. Books, book chapters, conference papers and theses need to be requested using the relevant Interlending Service request form.

You can track the progress of your request via the Article Request option in MyLibrary.

When your request is available, you will receive an email with a link to your article. Your article will be available for 30 days.

Hints for submitting your journal article request via ArticleReach Direct:

  • Please include the correct journal ISSN in your request where possible, for faster delivery of your article.

ArticleReach Direct may help find the correct ISSN for you. A drop-down list of possible journal titles may display as you enter a title into the Journal title field on the request form. Select the required title from this list to automatically add the correct ISSN to the form.

  • To submit another request: After submitting a request via ArticleReach Direct, you will be taken to a confirmation page. Close the ArticleReach Direct window or click on the University of Technology Sydney link (instead of clicking OK) to return to the Library’s Interlending Service to submit another request. 
  • If your request is urgent: You may fill in the Not Wanted if Supplied After field on the ArticleReach Direct request form. Please allow at least 2 days from the time you submit your request and the Not Wanted if Supplied After date.  

For more information or inquiries about ArticleReach Direct, please contact InterLibrary Loans on 02 9514 3314 or email lib-as-ill@uts.edu.au

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