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I prefer to write my paper off line. Can I print out a list of references with RefIDs and how do I manually insert the citations in the text?

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Yes. You first need to create

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UTS Library, 6 years ago

Yes. You first need to create a folder and add all of the references you require for the paper to this folder. Next, click on Export and select the folder you want to print. Select Citation List. Click Export to Text File. When the file displays print it using the browser's Print function.

Your printout or file will provide you with the RefIDs which you need to use in your document as citation placeholders. To manually insert citations in the text where you want to cite the reference, use two open curly brackets "{{" followed by the Reference ID number followed by two closed curly brackets "}}". For multiple citations in the same location separate the Ref ID number with semicolons: {{34;45;23}}. You will need to go back online to generate the bibliography or reference list by going to the Bibliography area and browsing to find your file.

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