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Where's Word's EndNote toolbar on my Macintosh?

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Open Word and click on View,

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UTS Library, 6 years ago

Open Word and click on View, Toolbars. If you see the EndNote option in the list of toolbars (it's usually the last one), select it. This will bring the toolbar back. If it isn't in the list of toolbars, then follow the instructions under CWYW 1 on EndNote's FAQ website to restore the toolbar.

A common issue occurs if you have an old version of Word 2008. Check what version of Word you have by clicking on Word -> About Word. It must be version 12.1 or higher. If it is version 12.0 you will need to download and install the Office 2008 12.1 patch from Microsoft's website. (Be warned: this can take a while to download). The patch restores the toolbar without any further effort (you may still need to check under View -> Toolbars).

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