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How do I reference a Parliamentary Debate in Harvard (UTS) referencing style?

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In Harvard (UTS),

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UTS Library, 6 years ago

In Harvard (UTS), Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) should look as in the following example:

  • Australia, House of Representatives 2000, Debates, vol. HR103, pp. 2-9

Sometimes, if you are viewing the online version, the volume number is not mentioned. In such circumstances it is acceptable to use the day the debate took place instead:

  • New South Wales, Legislative Assembly 2012, Debates, 3 May, pp. 11095-11100

Create a new EndNote reference for a Parliamentary Debate as follows (Note: you should use the most recent version - July 2012 - of Harvard UTS style from our website):

  • Select Government Document as reference type
  • In the Author field, type the Jurisdiction followed by a double comma and then the House of Parliament. For example,
    Australia,, Senate
    New South Wales,, Legislative Council
    Northern Territory,, Legislative Assembly
    United Kingdom,, House of Commons
    (the double comma stops EndNote treating the House of Parliament as first names).
  • Type the year into the Year field
  • Type the word Debates into the Title field
  • Type the volume number into the Volume field, OR type the day and month of the debate into the Publisher field
  • Type the page number(s) into the Pages field
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