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Trouble Accessing Statista Stats through the Library Account Campus License

At the moment I'm trying to use the Library Statista license at home however whenever I look at stats, the graphs will never load. I've used multiple browsers but it doesnt seem to load for any of them. Some images on the website also don't ever seem to load either.

I also tried to download the graphs (I don't know if the license covers that, but it was the only other way I could try to see the information) but whenever I would try it would allways redirect me to this page: https://www-statista-com.ezproxy.lib.uts.edu.au/accounts/

One of the pages im trying to access at the moment that shows this issue is the 'Nexon's annual revenue from 2008 to 2015 (in billion yen)' page.


Thanks for your help.

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Michael's picture
Michael, 2 years ago


 Dear Sebastian.

We have contacted the publisher of the Statista database and the access problems appear to be resolved. If you reconstruction your search for 'Nexon's annual revenue from 2008 to 2015” you will find that the additional statistical  information  such as graphs , EXCEL and PDF is now accessible.  If you have further problems with this databases please do report if here in answers.


 Thanks from Michael Langdon

 Thank you for alerting us to

Michael's picture
Michael, 2 years ago

 Thank you for alerting us to the problem with the Statistica Database.

The library is investigating this now. We will provide updates with our progress.

 From Michael. UTS

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