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Referencing same author and year but different documents

I'm using guidelines that are published by the same organisation in the same year, however they are different. How do I differentiate these in my in-text referencing and reference list?

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Hi Lena,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 1 year ago

Hi Lena,

This little problem is dealt with by the use of a and b

So if you had two documents, both by Smith in 2009

One is Donkeys

The other is Mules

The way you would describe them is 

Donkeys = (Smith 2009a) - because Donkeys comes before Mules in the alphabet
Mules = (Smith 2009b) - because Mules come after Donkeys in the alphabet

Then in the reference list...

Smith, A. 2009a, Donkeys, Equine Press, Clydesdale.


Hope this helps,


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