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Hi, I was wondering how I should provide an in text reference for a kindle book. The book doesn't have page numbers, only "locations"?

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Hi Annabel

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Patrick, 6 years ago

Hi Annabel

we're just updating the referencing guide to allow for ebook readers but in summary for in-text page numbering, if you look at the location number you should also see the total number of locations. Suppose these are 108 and 1899 respectively. Then your in-text page number should read: p. 108/1899. Use p. even though they are called locations. The total number is important because reader images can be re-sized which changes the numbering.

Incidentally in the reference list the example of a Kindle book from our guide is

Martin, G.R.R. 2003, Game of thrones, electronic book, Harper Voyager, London.

Note that you don't need a URL or the name of your reader.

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