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Four corners seachane closed resevered


I am looking for the video of Four Corners seachange and it is closed reserved. I have asked the librarian at Kuring-Gai but he could not find any information about that video. The video for the subject 27323 as the lecturer said I could find it in the library. Could you please look for it for me? Also, is it available at library in Central? Thank you for your time.

Lan Truong

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Hi Ngoc

Meijun's picture
Meijun, 3 years ago

Hi Ngoc

I'm afraid you can't. The reserve items can't be requested through the system, but you can book an item at the Loans Desk or phone us on 9514 3666. But you still need to go to the KC Library to get this video.


Dear Ngoc,

Seraphina Goldsmith's picture
Seraphina Goldsmith, 3 years ago

Dear Ngoc,


Reserve items cannot be transferred to another Library, so you cannot view it in the city campus library.

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