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Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

Fields of Research: 


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ICPSR offers more than 500,000 digital files containing social science research data. Disciplines represented include political science, sociology, demography, economics, history, gerontology, criminal justice, public health, foreign policy, terrorism, health and medical care, early education, education, racial and ethnic minorities, psychology, law, substance abuse and mental health.

Registration Requirements: 

For searching - No
For download - Yes
For online analysis - Yes

Access and Reuse Conditions: 

Depends on data-set. Restricted data-sets require signed Restricted Data Use Agreement and Data Protection Plan.

Deposit Options: 

ICPSR will consider data submissions from international researchers, however ASSDA/ADA is the prefered place of deposit for Australian researchers. Contact UTSeScholarship for advice and assistance.

Cost to Access: 

Free for ICPSR member institutions and affiliates (ACSPRI is an affilate, therefore no cost for UTS researchers) US$500 per data-set for non-members