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Covers Bio-sciences; Health.

Registration Requirements: 

Users must agree to terms and conditions listed on website

Access and Reuse Conditions: 

User access is determined by the custodian of the databases that the user has requested access to. In addition the Scientific Advisory Comittee and BioGrid management committee will also consider the application. Access is granted on an indiviual basis based on the applicants project.

Deposit Options: 

Data being deposited to BioGrid requires HREC approval. Researchers should contact their insitiution's Human Research Ethics Committee for assistance with lodging an Ethics approval for their project. Databases being deposited with BioGrid will need to be loaded onto a Local Research Repository which can be provided by the depositor or with BioGrid.

Cost to Access: 

There appears to be no cost to access and download data on this data archive, however it is recommended that you contact BioGrid for more information.


Secure research platform that provides access to real-time clinical, imaging and biospecimen data across jurisdictions, institutions and diseases. Also provides tools to link data with other data-sets, produce tailored reports, and provide analytical tools for further research.