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Victorian Cancer Biobank

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Provides biospecimens to academic and commerical sector researchers from healthy individuals and cancer patients in Melbourne and Geelong, Victoria. Some data about the health and treatments of doners are also stored within this archive.

Registration Requirements: 

No registration required
Users must fill out an application form each time access is required

Access and Reuse Conditions: 

Applications for access are reviewed by the Biobank Access Comittee to comply with Human Research Ethics guideslines and policies.

Deposit Options: 


Cost to Access: 

Not for profit and government funded applications: $250 application fee; $125 amendment fee for applications being processed. Biospeicmen fees vary depending on application (see website for details). Commercially funded applications: $1500 application fee; $125 fee for ammendments to application. Biospecimen fees costs. The Biobank also provides quotes on request.


No registration required however an application must be filled out and sent to the Biobank each time access is required. (more information at http://www.viccancerbiobank.org.au/browse.asp?ContainerID=how_to_apply)