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EndNote for Mac

May 29
Tue, 29 May, 2012
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM  Add to calendar

This is a little experiment we are running to gauge interest in an EndNote class dedicated for Mac users. It will contain the content of the Introduction to EndNote class - downloading and customising EndNote, manually entering references, downloading them from online sources and placing references into Word. However the download process and the interface to Word will be demonstrated on a Mac with Mac users in mind. We do not have a Mac lab at the library, so if you have a laptop you can bring in to the class that would be a great assistance to your learning. If you don't have a laptop this class can be combined with an EndNote handout and our Youtube videos to hopefully assist you in using the EndNote software at home.

If there is a strong interest in this class we will schedule more.

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I do have a strong interest

J. Davis's picture
J. Davis, 4 years ago

I do have a strong interest and need, and plan to be there - but I also have to coordinate my toddler daughter's childcare. (I may just bring her if there are not many other attendees or anyone minding a cute kid being present - I can always pop her on my iPad!!). ta


Hi Davis,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 3 years ago

Hi Davis,


No problem if you can't make it... you can arrange for a one on one session at a time to suit. We'll likely teach the class again in a month or so also.


David @ UTS Library 

Yeah this is nice... I have

Onjumi's picture
Onjumi, 3 years ago

Yeah this is nice... I have an a Mac at home though... I do not have a Lap top or Ipad but just wanna know how to fiddle endnoteon my mac at home...

Glad you have a use for it!

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 3 years ago

Glad you have a use for it! If you come along today I'll see you there.


David @ UTS Library

Hi David - thanks!

J. Davis's picture
J. Davis, 3 years ago

Hi David - thanks!

I do think it may be more beneficial for me if I wait until I can go sans-child :]. thanks for being understanding - I'll keep my eyes peeled for a future session (or organize a one-to-one for myself). See you next time then. ~Davis

Hi David,

Sirinut's picture
Sirinut, 3 years ago

Hi David,


I've been waiting for someone to conduct Endnote for Mac workshop and didn't realize I've missed it! When will be the next session? I'll make sure that I don't miss it again.


Thank you

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