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NVivo 11: two day course (GRS)

Thu, 27 April, 2017
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM  Add to calendar
Fri, 28 April, 2017
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM  Add to calendar


  • Level 4 - Room 4.j

NOTE: This is a workshop open only to higher degree research students and is organised through the Graduate Research School (GRS). Places strictly limited to 14 attendees for this session.

About the workshop:

This is a 2 day workshop where you will be introduced to the research tools available in NVivo 11 to get your qualitative or mixed methods project underway and/or your literature analysis. During the 2 days we will cover essential NVivo tools to get you working with your documents and beginning the analysis process, including: 

For Day 1:

  • managing varied types of data sources and ideas and information derived from those sources; 
  • searching and coding data to locate and store passages of interest or explore expressions of interest; 
  • recording developing ideas and understanding of the data in memos and models. 

For Day 2:  

  • linking qualitative with demographic or quantitative data, and using queries to compare responses of groups based on that linked data; 
  • querying the data, and coding based on the data, to explore patterns or test emerging ideas; 
  • exploring the range of visual displays available, to help with seeing the structure of and patterns in data, and with reporting from data. 

Presenter: Pat Bazeley

To be considered for this course, please contact Suzie.Honan@uts.edu.au