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During the early years of the University of Technology Sydney, when it was known as the New South Wales Institute of Technology (1965 - 1988), library services were provided through the libraries of the Sydney Technical College (STC) and the East Sydney Technical College (ESTC) from 1965 to 1971.

Other library services were established in:

  • 1971 - Gore Hill Library opened in the Dunbar Building, Gore Hill.
  • 1972 - James N.Kirby Library (Brickfield Hill) opened in the Anthony Hordern Building in George Street, Brickfield Hill.
  • 1976 - Broadway Library opened and was located on the top floor of Building 4, Harris Street, Broadway.
  • 1984 - Markets Library, Ultimo which was renamed the Blake Library (City Campus) in 2002 after Professor Tony Blake a past UTS Vice-Chancellor.
  • 1990 - George Muir Library (Kuring-gai Campus) was named after the founding principle of the Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education.

Markets Library

The Markets Library was the University's first purpose-built library. Originally planned to replace the Brickfield Hill Library, it was large enough to also house the Broadway Library. The architect Philip Cox, effectively combined old brickwork and the bell tower of the Sydney Markets in the new building. The restored bell tower stands sentinel outside the Library.

Kuring-gai Campus Library

In 1990 the newly formed University of Technology Sydney absorbed the Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education and the Institute of Technical and Adult Teacher Education of the Sydney College of Advanced Education. From the collections and libraries of these antecedent institutions, the George Muir Library (Kuring-gai Campus) was formed, named after the founding principle of the Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education. It was housed in the unique UTS Kuring-gai campus site, designed by Architect, David Don Turner and Landscape Architect, Bruce Mackenzie, which is widely recognised as a notable example of European ‘Brutalist’ architecture.

Kuring-gai Campus closed it's doors on the 27 November, 2015. You can read more about the closure of the Kuring-gai Campus on the UTS Newsroom website.

University Librarians

There have been five University Librarians at UTS Library:

  • Dorothy Peake
  • Steve O'Connor
  • Dr Alex Byrne
  • Mal Booth
  • Michael Gonzalez

UTS Library prior to 1994.

UTS Library prior to 1994


UTS Library expansion model in 1994. 

 UTS Library expansion model