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The Library’s future is about people…and robots! UTS Library houses low-use items from the print collection in a Library Retrieval System, employing a robotic automated system to retrieve requested items and make the collection accessible. This frees space in the Library building for people to study, learn, research and be inspired. Find out more about this project below.

Videos: UTS Library Retrieval System

In the beginning... There was a video about the future Library Retrieval System currently being excavated and built at UTS. This footage was shot by Mal Booth, University Librarian on a visit to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

and at the end there was an... LRS ready and waiting to take requests.
In this short video, all your questions about this amazing new facility are answered from how to request an item and where to pick up books to how the LRS will change the library experience at UTS.

Fun Facts


  • The excavation took around 10 months, and for the LRS there was approximately 48,000m3 of material removed (mainly sandstone).
  • The depth of the excavation is 20m from the ground level.

SRMS & Aisles

  • Approximately 5 storey’s high
  • Cranes 15m tall
  • 12,000 bins of all sizes
  • Items randomly stored and stored by height
  • 4 different sized bins – 10 sectors (275mm), 8 sectors (325mm), 4 sectors (400mm), 1 sector (475mm)
  • 6 cranes 
  • 320,000+ low use items stored at present


  • Only LRS in Australia to use RFID & Touch screen capabilities
  • Floor design representative of the RFID tag and DNA ribbon on UTS Library catalogue

Other Universities

  • Second LRS in an Australian Library – Macquarie University 1st Library
  • Many universities in US and Europe been using this technology for their collections


  • Optimal storage for preservation & security of library collection (dust-free environment)
  • Can store up to 1 million items – 20 years of growth for the collection
  • Would require a library 4-5 times bigger to house the growing collection & would cost 4 times more than the LRS
  • All items cleaned before loaded
  • Reduce carbon footprint by daily deliveries by foot using ergonomic delivery trolleys and backpacks

Requesting & Catalogue Information

  • Can request via catalogue 24 hours per day
  • The most popular days of the week for requests are Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Shelf view is available to visually browse what is stored in the LRS – via UTS Library Catalogue
  • Regular deliveries daily to the Library & once item arrives to requested location SMS/email notification sent instantly for you to come and collect item

Future Library

  • When the Library is located in Building 2 it will take approximately 15 mins for delivery and will be sent by book lift from LRS into Library for collection

Floor Plans - Artist Impressions

Long section artists impression of the Library Retrieval System (LRS).

3D Long section floor plans

Artist impression of the LRS Operational Room.

3D LRS Operational Room

Artist impression of the LRS Picking Station.

3D LRS Pickup Room


Construction site for the Library Retrieval System   Construction site for the Library Retrieval System

Construction site for the Library Retrieval System.

Book vault awaiting the installation of the LRS   Book vault awaiting the installation of the LRS

The book vault for the Library Retrieval System (LRS) is all but completed next step is to install the ASRS itself. The completed facility will be entirely located underneath our Alumni Green. 

Racking is 4 stories high   Each bin is over 1m long  

Fun fact: there are 6 aisles, each bin is over 1m long and the racking is 4 stories or 15 metres tall.

Picking Station Area   Picking Station  

LRS picking station area where staff retrieve the books for transportation to the Library.


Bin with books   LRS bin loaded with books

Fun fact: There are 4 different size bins and they are packed based on the size of the book. There are 12000 bins.


Staff meeting area in the LRS Area adjoining the kitchen   Staff Kitchen in the LRS Area

Staff kitchen and meeting area in the fun colours used throughout the LRS.


More photos are available on Mal Booth's Flickr site.


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