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Taking Biodiesel to the ASX


Australian Biodiesel Group Limited

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Westerbrook Financial Communications Pty Ltd

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2006 C8 - 5



Executive Summary: 

In April 2005, Australian Biodiesel Group Limited (ABG) was an unheard of business producing a little known product called biodiesel from a plant not yet fully operating at full capacity and with a management team and business plan in its formative stages.

ABG's business plan was to expand biodiesel production, in line with growing awareness worldwide of the benefits of biofuels. 

To achieve this it needed to raise more capital and also the profile of its business to develop a market for its technology and expanded production.

Its market was not just Australia but also selected countries internationally for licensing of its biodiesel production technology.

To raise capital, ABG's plan included listing on the Australian Stock Exchange before last year's end.

To support these plans, ABG's communications needs were significant, especially since it had an out of date corporate identity, an ineffectual website, no marketing collateral and a non-existent profile in the media and investment community.

Fulfilling these communications needs became our brief as well as providing a communications strategy to guide the activity.

The focus of the communications effort was development of the corporate story, making it appealing to potential customers, the media and investment community.

Success of the communications program culminated in the ABG progressing in an eight months period from feldgling business to an ASX listed company achieving a market capitalisation of $110 million on debut.

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