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92536 Research Methods for Sport and Exercise

In this guide:

This study guide has been prepared for the students enrolled in subject 92536 Research Methods for Sport and Exercise. It will help you get started on finding literature specific to your topic.

 Here are some steps to get started

1. Understand your topic and breakdown to a specific research question

2. Identify the keywords and alternative words, develop your search terms/string

3. Do database searches, evaluate the search results and adjust the search terms/string


Search operators    

Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT

    Phrase search: "injury rehabilitation" 

    Truncation: Australia*  will search for Australia, Australians 

  •    After search, you need to refine the results to research articles

Citation counts 

Citation counts are used to evaluate the popularity or impact of published literature especially journal articles.

Google Scholar is a good place where citation counts can be found