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Architecture: Databases

In this guide:

The Library has access to a variety of databases that will help you acquire a background into issues to do with Architecture, both in the technical realm and also in issues such as design thinking and philosophy. Use the Find Databases tool > Architecture > Top Databases to see a short list of the best places to start looking for articles on Architecture.

Other Architecture Databases

In addition to the top 5 databases provided in the link above, you may find the content from some of these databases interesting:

  • Australian Heritage Bibliography
    The Australian Heritage Bibliography is a useful database about historic buildings in Australia, and also contains information about Australian heritage generally. It can be searched in conjuction with ARCH if you use the Informit Databases interface and select both of these titles from the (long) list provided.
  • Design and Applied Arts Index (DAAI)
    DAAI is an index of design journals, related to the Avery Index. Contains some architecture content.
  • CumInCAD
    Free index to articles about computer aided architectural design. Partial full text. Requires to you to create a logon to access full text.
  • Arts: Search
    Once called DesignInform- this database contains journal articles, biographies of designers and architects and digitized versions of 19th and 20th century art periodicals.
  • Proquest  - Is the best superdatabase for design, in that it comprises DAAI and the Avery Index in the one search. You will get a lot of extraneous information from your searching however, so knowing how to refine your search will save you a lot of hassles.
    Refer to this Tutorial video for some tips on how to do that.
  • ASCE Journals: American Society of Civil Engineers
    Full text (complete) journals on engineering topics; includes Journal of Architectural Engineering
  • Science Direct
    Science Direct has full text (complete) journals in pdf format; useful journals for architecture include:
    Energy and Buildings, Applied Thermal Engineering, Applied Acoustics, Building and Environment.