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The library is always adding new materials, this page will preview some of the latest Planning books to enter our collection.

 Land Policy

Land policy : planning and the spatial consequences of property

"Land policy is the interface between spatial planning and private property: Who owns the land? What rights do landowners have? How can these rights be reconciled with public interests? Land policy, a critical aspect of public policy, responds to such questions. This book offers a complete understanding of land policy in the context of land law and land markets, illustrating issues in question with examples from Germany."


 Planning Game

The planning game : an information economics approach to understanding urban and environmental management

"Trading information is an essential aspect of the negotiations that underpin planning practice across the globe. In this book, Alex Lord uses information economics to outline a way of thinking about these negotiations that places the actors in the planning game at the heart of the debate. Lord argues that information economics’ tool kit, game theory – including well-known examples such as the Prisoners’ Dilemma and Follow the Leader – offers an analytical framework ideally suited to unpacking planning processes."