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The library has a growing collection of Property based book titles. This page will inform you as to the latest acquisitions.

 Real Estate: property markets and sustainable behaviour

Real estate : property markets and sustainable behaviour

"Traditional studies of the property market have tended to focus solely on commercial and legal issues, but the growing importance of the issue of sustainability means that a different approach is needed. This new textbook provides an overview of property within a market context, examining the complex nature of property rights and issues related to both investors and occupiers."

Real Estate and Globalisation

Real estate and globalisation

This book is based on a series of briefings on the relationship between macro economic events and real estate markets in the era of globalisation that covered the period. Collectively they offer unique insights, new ideas and practical approaches to real estate economics, grounded in the day-to-day realities of investment, development and fund management operations in a leading international property company.