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Insearch BABC001: Articles

In this guide:

To get good marks, use library databases to find articles that aren't freely available.

Watch: Our HeadsUp video Using Find Databases. There is also a nice video from RMIT: What's a Library Database?

ProQuest Business

What: A Library database that has thousands of business journals, magazines plus industry and company reports. 

How: Connect to ProQuest Business.

Watch: how to search for articles in ProQuest Business: 

EXAMPLE: Screenshot of how you could search for articles.

ProQuest Business Basic Search 

HELP: Having problems? These suggestions might help: 

Too many results,
but they're not about my topic
  • Add more keywords to your search

    e.g.  "annual reports" AND guidelines

  • Try putting inverted commas " " around phrases

    e.g. "corporation reports

No results
  • Don't use whole sentences or questions, just the keywords
  • e.g. Instead of What is the purpose of the annual report?
    try "annual reports" AND purpose
  • Your keywords may be too specific, remove some or make them broader.

    e.g. Instead of Commonwealth Bank try banks OR banking

Articles I found are too complicated
  • Limit your search to magazines and trade publications. These are usually easier to understand.

    You'll find the option to check these off on the left side of the screen after you click search:


Google Scholar

What: Google's search engine for academic sources including journals and books. It covers many subjects, not just business.

How: Use the link from the UTS Library web site, otherwise you will get asked to pay for articles.

Example: Here is one way you could search for academic sources in Google Scholar:

To read the whole article, click on Full Text @ UTS.