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The library is always adding new materials, this page will preview some of the latest Animation books to enter our collection.

Real World Flash


Real-world Flash game development : how to follow best practices and keep your sanity

This book breaks down the process of Flash game development into simple, approachable steps. Griffith gives readers real-world expertise and real-world code that they can use in their own games. The second edition includes completely new game examples on more advanced topics like 3D, more robust physics and collision detection, and mobile device coverage with Android platform development for use on phones and tablets.



Informotion : animated infographics

The first reference book on the fundamentals of animated information graphics. At the nexus of design and journalism, the field of information graphics offers some of the most exciting and dynamic work for creatives. Today, even more so than static versions, animated information graphics are serving to communicate complex correlations succinctly. The production of such animations on the basis of up-to-the-minute data is already common practice in select TV programs. Now, these moving formats are finding wider application in television and on the internet, as well as on an increasing number of mobile devices, and in public places.