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The library has a vibrant collection of Fashion titles, but we're always adding more. This page will give you an overview of our latest additions.

 Draping for Fashion Design

Draping for fashion design

Draping for Fashion Design, Fifth Edition, covers all of the fundamental material for beginning and advanced study in an intensive fashion design program and prepares students for the industry. Updated throughout, the fifth edition offers a new chapter on children's wear, new illustrations, and revised diagrams that enhance clarity.

 Fashion and Sustainability


Fashion & sustainability : design for change

The book is organized in three parts. The first part is concerned with transforming fashion products across the garment's lifecycle and includes innovation in materials, manufacture, distribution, use, and re-use. The second part looks at ideas that are transforming the fashion system at root into something more sustainable, including new business models that reduce material output. The third section is concerned with transforming the role of fashion designers.

 Mastering the Art...


Mastering the art of fabric printing and design : techniques, tutorials, and inspiration

"This definitive guide outlines everything you need to know to design and print gorgeous fabrics. Inside, you'll find step-by-step tutorials for designing patterns (both digitally and by hand); a comprehensive section on printing techniques, including screen printing, stenciling, block printing, resist dyeing, and digital printing; hundreds of gorgeous photos; and insider tips for developing your collection and bringing it to the marketplace."