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Communication for Engineering & IT: Industry Information

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Industry Reports

  • Marketline Advantage includes company and industry reports and news updates.
  • Gartner: is the industry-leading consulting firm providing independent research and analysis on a wide range of Information Technology topics, providing insightful and practical advice from around the world and covering a varied set of topics including Asset management, Web Services, Emerging trends and technologies and Regulatory Compliance.
  • Company360DatAnalysis Premium, and Factiva give detailed company information. 
  • MintGlobal has comprehensive information about large and very large international companies. 
  • IBISWorld gives good overviews for Australian companies.

Market information

How to find information on a particular market, for example the soft drink industry in Asia and Australia. Passport GMIDMintGlobalMarketline Advantage and WARC (world's most comprehensive marketing information service) are good sources of this kind of information.


Industry Legislation

Government websites and some nonprofit organisation websites can be helpful by providing relevant facts and information on your topic, e.g. industry news and legislations.


More information on search patents


More information on finding standards


Statistical information is used as evidence to support your findings or viewpoint.  It can be in the form of tables, figures, charts or spreadsheets taken from a reliable source.

 More information on finding statistical data