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Information Technology: Databases

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Industry Reports

  • Gartner: is the industry-leading consulting firm providing independent research and analysis on a wide range of Information Technology topics, providing insightful and practical advice from around the world and covering a varied set of topics including Asset management, Web Services, Emerging trends and technologies and Regulatory Compliance.
  • OVUM : Ovum is a research and consulting company offering advice on information technology. This database provides access to the Ovum Enterprise IT Knowledge Center.


Statistical databases

Statistical information is used as evidence to support your findings or viewpoint.  It can be in the form of tables, figures, charts or spreadsheets taken from a reliable source. 

  • Australian Bureau of Statistics.This is a government organisation providing free access to a wide range of Australian statistical data on various themes from IT, environmental issues to financial statistics.
  • OECD iLibrary.  You will need to login from the library webpage.  This statistical database gives access to a broad range of interactive and comparative data for OECD and some non OECD countries.
  • Other statistical agencies


 Newspapers and magazine databases

These databases provide coverage of local and overseas newspapers.javascript:mctmp(0);

Top Information Technology databases

The Yale University website explains of the difference between academic and popular sources. The decision to use popular or academic sources will depend on your target audience and your topic.  A specialised academic topic will require scholarly resources, sometimes called peer reviewed resources.

Online books


Find Databases tool

Use the Find Databases tool > Information Technology for a full listing of databases on Information Technology.

Full descriptions for each database are available from the More Info icon.