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EndNote Law: Install

This study guide has been designed to bring together all the links you need in order to install and use EndNote for law. At UTS the EndNote legal referencing style is based on the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd edition, 2010) published by the Melbourne University Law Review, and is called AGLC (UTS).

To use this style with EndNote you will need to download and save 2 small files:

  • Legal Reference Types e.g. Reported Cases, Legislation, Parliamentary Debates, Treaties, Books, Journal Articles etc
  • AGLC (UTS) style: this allows you to correctly format references and use them with Word. It should already be downloaded on all UTS computers in public areas. 

The latest version, EndNote X7, is recommended. You can use an earlier version if you wish, however.

Instructions for installing the Legal Reference Types, and AGLC (UTS) style

First, Download and Install EndNote. Then:

Step 1: Install the special Legal Reference Types

  • Right click on the link Reference Types Table (Macintosh users should use Firefox as web browser, and click on the link while holding down the Control key on your keyboard).
  • In Firefox, select "Save Link As". in Internet Explorer, select "Save Target As".
  • Save the file to your desktop or any other convenient folder with the name: RefTypeTable.xml
  • Open EndNote and click on Edit (on a Mac click on EndNote X7 instead of Edit) then Preferences then Reference Types.
  • Click on the Import button in the lower half of window and select the file you just saved.
  • Click on Open - Apply - OK (on a Mac click on Open - Save).
  • Close the Edit Preferences window.

Step 2: Download the AGLC Reference Style

  • Click on AGLC (UTS)
    • Windows users using Firefox should choose "Open with EndNote" and click on OK. In Internet Explorer, choose "Open". If using Chrome, the file will be automatically saved into your Downloads folder. If so open the file from there.
    • If you are using a Mac, Safari and Chrome will automatically save the file into your Downloads folder. Go to the Downloads folder and open the saved file.
  • EndNote will start and you will see details of the style displayed. Click on File, Save As.
  • In the Save As window that appears, make sure the name of the style is listed as AGLC (UTS) - you may need to remove the word "copy" and possibly some other text - and then click on Save.
  • Close the style window.

Step 3: Select AGLC (UTS) as your Output Style

  • Open EndNote.
  • Choose "Select Another Style..." in the drop down styles window.
  • Scroll through the list of styles, select AGLC (UTS), and click on Choose.
  • Some Mac users are unable to see the AGLC style in the list of styles. If this happens, open your Applications folder, then the EndNote X7 folder. You should see a folder named Styles. Drag your saved AGLC (UTS) style from step 2 above, into this folder. You should now be able to see AGLC (UTS) in the style list (don't worry if there is a bit of extra text after the style name).

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AGLC not working

Anita's picture
Anita, 1 year ago

Hi there,

I've tried to download AGLC a few times now and it hasn't worked. I'm following the instructions and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Hi Anita (and James)

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 1 year ago

Hi Anita (and James)

there seems to have been a recent update to the Mac OS that is preventing the style from saving correctly.

The workaround is: click on the AGLC link and instead of opening, Save it somewhere. Your browser might do this anyway.

Then go to Applications ->EndNote X7 -> Styles, and drag your saved AGLC style into this styles folder. You should then see it in EndNote when you use the drop-down to select another style.

Hope this helps


Hi Patrick,

Anita's picture
Anita, 1 year ago

Hi Patrick,


It's working properly now, the new instructions are very helpful.


Thank you.


James's picture
James, 1 year ago



Give IT a call.



Hi Jayneil

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 1 year ago

Hi Jayneil

you're correct, the AGLC style doesn't seem to be on these Macs. I'll follow up on that.

Meanwhile, you can install it yourself as follows:

-Save the AGLC style from the link on this page (it will probably save to the Downloads folder)

-Open the Applications Folder on the Mac, then the EndNote X7 folder. You should see a folder called Styles.

-Drag the saved AGLC style (probably from your downloads folder) and drop it onto that Styles folder.

-Then go back to EndNote, and use the style drop down to Select Another Style, and select AGLC (UTS) which you should now see in the list.

You'll also need to import the Reference Types table - follow the instructions on this page.

Unfortunately the saved style and reference types won't be kept when you log off the Mac, so you'll need to do this each time you use one of the library Macs, at least for the moment.



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