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This study guide has been designed to help you find information about Australian legislation, including bills, explanatory memoranda, second reading speeches, consolidated acts etc. The guide provides tables that help you to identify which resources are available online or in hard copy. Links are provided to the databases that provide online access to legislative materials. There is also a brief explanatory section that explains the terminolgy used in the life cycle of legislation.

Legislative Services

Legislative Materials

Acts / Statutes: Laws made by Parliament and given royal assent by the crown (Commonwealth and State)

Bills : A legislative document in the form of a proposed Act of Parliament that has not yet been passed by parliament or received royal assent

Delegated Legislation: Laws made by persons or authorities to whom parliament has delegated "law-making" authority within an act of Parliament

Explanatory memoranda (EM): Document explaining the aims and operation of a statute, if the meaning of a provision in an Act is ambiguous or obscure

Hansard: Provides a record of parliamentary debates and speeches made by of members of the houses of parliament

Parliamentary Papers: Reports of government departments and committees

Commonwealth Legislation

LawOne: Point in Time Commowealth Legislation

Point in time services allow the user to view legislation as it stood on a particular day so that you can compare historical versions of any provision. LawOne provides access to point-in-time services: for:

Corporations Law Excise Act 1901 Migration Act 1958
Commonwealth Criminal Law GST Service Trade Practices Service
Customs Act 1901 Income Tax Service Student Assistance Act 1973



Statue Annotations provide access to historical information about Acts including: date of latest reprint, names of amending acts, regulations under the Act, amended sections, case notes, annotations and relevant journal articles. They are availalbe in hardcopy and electronic format via LexisNexis.au
Federal Statutes Annotations 344.94021/4

New South Wales Legislative Services

Acts in Force Acts as Made Bills & EN's


New South Wales Legislation


1997 1988-
LawOne 1998 2003 includes ENs 2003
2nd reading Speeches





includes ENs


2nd reading speeches



EN's Interfiled with the Bills


The Parliament of NSW also have Records of Legislative Proceedings from 1824 - 1856.
Includes access to selected earlier Reports of Parliamentary Debates

NSW Statute Annotations (LexisNexis.au)

State Legislative Services

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales (Includes Point in Time)

Northern Territory


South Australia

Tasmania (Includes Point in Time)


Western Australia

Legislation Judicially considered (Cases referring to legislation)

Casebase | Firstpoint


Legislation by Subject (Commonwealth & State)

Lawone |Includes explanatory memoranda and second reading speeches

 LawNow (in LexisNexisAU) includes explanatory memoranda, second reading speeches and historical versions
Corporations Law | Criminal Law | Family Law | Franchising | Industrial Law | Intellectual property Law | Motor & Traffic | OH&S | Workplace Relations

Intellliconnect CCH
Business Law | Conveyencing Law | Corporations Law | Employment | Family Law | Industrial Law | OH&S | Superannuation Law | Tax Law | Torts Law | Trade Practices

Wicks Subject Index to Commonwealth Legislation
344.94023/2 (CC)

Subject Index to the Acts & Regulations of New South Wales
344.944021/3 (CC Reserve)


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